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Teachable Point of View

Do you have a teachable point of view for leading your business into future? Can leaders at all levels in your organziation articulate your TPOV?

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Leadership Pipeline

Does your organization have a pipeline of leaders capable of addressing future business needs and changing market realities?

Keys to Success

Your Next CEO

A critical function of a firm's board of directors, HR Leader, and CEO is to identify and devleop their future CEO. What's your firm's succession plan?

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In his newly released book, Succession: Mastering the Make or Break Process of Leadership Transition, Noel Tichy draws on decades of hands-on experience working with CEOs and boards to provide a framework for building a smart, effective transition pipeline, whether for a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, a family business, a small start-up, or a non-profit.

Acclaimed leadership and management thought leaders, Tichy & DeRose, elaborate on their latest framework for developing front line leadership within organizations.
Tichy and Bennis, experts in leadership and advisors to top CEOs, provide a powerful framework guide for making critical judgment calls where stakes are high and answers are uncertain.
Tichy & Cohen present one of the most important and fundamental leadership frameworks established to date, Teachable Point of View.
Considered by many as the unofficial GE Handbook, Control Your destiny or Someone Else captures the leadership lessons from the revolution Jack Welch imposed on GE.

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